by Benedetta Rose

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

The idea of Benedetta Rose arises at a particular time of my life in which many changes occur. The energies that we feel and that many people interpret as guardian angels have been a belief that has been with me all my life.


Benedetta Rose comes to shape those beliefs trying to create a style of jewelry that has a romantic and spiritual time. Inspired by religious images, the power of colors and energies of the stones, Benedetta Rose combines beauty, simplicity and holds a deep meaning that goes beyond a simple bracelet, necklace or pendant.

Benedetta Rose are pieces with soul, that convey a story and above, are hand-crafted items.


Many of us have grown praying to the guardian angel and even our first jewelry was a medal of the Virgin. Benedetta Rose proposes not only that classic medal we brought in childhood, goes beyond, brings you to the world of angels and their meaning. 

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